Payment Plans

Make your own plan or choose from following standard plans

Description                                                       TOWER 1, 2 & 3 (CLP Plan)
Carpet Area (Sq.ft)656.948759.292931.2014
Balcony Area (Sq. ft)148.683120.363120.363
Total Area (Sq.ft)115012501500
18th Floor327750035625004350000
17th Floor330050035875004380000
16th Floor332350036125004410000
15th Floor334650036375004440000
14th Floor336950036625004470000
13th Floor339250036875004500000
12th Floor342700037250004545000
11th Floor343850037375004560000
10th Floor345000037500004575000
9th Floor346150037625004590000
8th Floor347300037750004605000
7th Floor348450037875004620000
6th Floor349600038000004635000
5th Floor350750038125004650000
4th Floor351900038250004665000
3rd Floor353050038375004680000
2nd Floor354200038500004695000
1st Floor35535003862500
Ground Floor35650003875000
Payment StageConstruction Linked Plan (CLP)
At the time of booking : 10%10%
Excavation : 30%20%
Plinth Completion : 45%15%
On Casting of Top Floor: 65%20%
On Completion of Brickwork & Internal Plaster : 75%10%
On Completion of Superstructure : 85%10%
On Completion of External Plaster : 90%5%
On Completion of Flooring : 95%5%
On Possession5%
1st floor140
2nd floor130
3rd floor120
4th floor110
5th floor100
6th floor90
7th floor80
8th floor70
9th floor60
10th floor50
11th floor40
12th floor30
13th floor0
14th floor-20
15th floor-40
16th floor-60
17th floor-80
18th floor-100


  1. Interest Free Maintenance Charge (IFMS) shall be charged at Rs 30/sq.ft on /Total Area at the time of possession.
  2. One (1) Basement Covered Parking is provided without any extra charge.
  3. Mandatory power backup of 1KVA charged Rs 25,000/- extra. Additional Power back up shall be charged at Rs 25,000/KVA
  4. GST Tax shall be charged extra as applicable.

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